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About Us

Every year we have a National Tekkie Tax Day, the day when South Africa stands together to show where their hearts lie.

Tekkie Tax is a project OWNED by welfare organizations, MANAGED by welfare organizations for the BENEFIT of welfare organizations.

Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign supporting 5 Sectors:

  • A = Animals
  • B = Bring Hope
  • C = Children
  • D = Disability
  • E = Education.

The 2021 participating National Welfare Organisations are:

  • Animals:
    • Various SPCA Societies and numerous other animal protection organisations
  • Bring Hope:
    • SAVF
  • Children:
    • Various Child Welfare and Child Protection Organisations
  • Disability:
    • Epilepsy SA
  • Education:
    • CANSA

Tekkie Tax started in 2013 and raised R2,3million in the first year. The income grew every year:

2013 – 2.3 Million Rand
2014 – 4.8 Million Rand
2015 – 6.5 Million Rand
2016 – 8.4 Million Rand
2017 – 8.1 Million Rand
2018 – 9.1 Million Rand
2019 – 8.8 Million Rand
2020 – 2.1 Million Rand

This means that in total, Tekkie Tax raised R50million over the past 8 years and 2,000+ local and national welfare organisations benefited.

Tekkie Tax is a risk-free campaign for qualifying NGOs and the money they receive is directly linked to the sales they made. The campaign raises its money from selling merchandise:

2021 Merchandise

  • “Better Together” sticker
  • Tekkie Tax shoelaces
  • Funky branded t-shirts for adults & children
  • A unique set of Hickie shoelaces

One of the major drives behind the Campaign, is the Media. During the same time period of 2013 – 2019, Tekkie Tax generated sponsored publicity to the value of R85million.


Media monitoring done by Novus Group

All the major Media Houses endorsed the Tekkie Tax Campaign and became the voice that introduces the initiative to the public. We get exposure on all platforms: national television, broadcast, online, digital, social media, print, etc.


Tekkie Tax is a project functioning under the auspices of The Legacy Through Charity Trust, which is a Public Benefit Trust registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court.

Reg number: IT 2455/2012.

The Legacy Through Charity Trust is also a registered NPO with Department of Social Development:

Reg no: 116-048-NPO

The Legacy Through Charity trust is registered as a Public Benefit Organisation with SARS:

PBO no: 930041253.

The Trust is also a verified organization for B-BBEE purposes and have all necessary documentation to proof a more than 75% black beneficiary base with 100% SED recognition.

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