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See our 2020 Merchandise here

Support The Most Significant Fundraising Campaign In South Africa!


See our 2020 Merchandise here

Tekkie Tax 2020 is finally here!!

2019 was a blast but 2020 is going to be mind-boggling as we are taking and to MAKE THE CIRCLE BIGGER!! The Circle of Support, the Circle of Care, the Circle of Making a Difference …

And to do that, we need your help. Our brand new T-shirts for 2020 is available here and now! We improved the material and thanks to a fantastic relationship with SN Printers, we are keeping the prices the same as in 2019.

You can buy your T-shirt on our website. Visit our e-store or just click on this link.

Should you need any additional information about the 2020 Campaign, visit our website regularly or visit our Facebook page.

Contact us at 012 663 8181 or reception@tekkietax.org

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Whether we are in lockdown or not … Tekkie Tax is proud to be associated with NGOs who continued to widen their circle of care and support during COVID19 lockdown.  NGO staff and volunteers continued their services to the vulnerable – which included animals, children and adults – together they made the difference to those who had no one else to support them during lockdown.  

Someone besides you and I is still caring for our elderly and frail parents …

Somewhere a child is hiding from abuse, another is crying from hunger …

Shelters are overflowing with animals – once loved now dumped due to ignorance …

Differently abled vulnerable children and adults are cared for by compassionate, patient caregivers understanding that routine and care provides a sense of safety …

Terminally ill patients are still made comfortable with someone holding their hand and wiping their tears, standing in for you and I …

Vulnerabilities remain exposed …. the homeless remain destitute, those exposed to violence are traumatized and the lonely still feel a sense of despair …

Welfare organisations remain at the forefront in serving, caring, supporting and protecting the vulnerable, taking responsibility for care in our physical absence.

Tekkie Tax is giving you an opportunity to strengthen the circle of courage … the circle of care … the circle of support … Lets take hands and grow this cirlce and broaden the reach of those who need it …

To show your appreciation and enable our organisations to continue with the incredible work we are doing, reach out to us organisations by purchasing your Tekkie Tax 2020 sticker, badge, shoelaces and t-shirts from the Tekkie Tax website or local participating welfare organisation. Get ready for Tekkie Tax Day to be celebrated on Friday, 31 July 2020.

Who is Tekkie Tax?

Several National non-profit organizations have taken hands to enable a singularly focused national FUNDRAISING campaign. Tekkie Tax is a dynamic project OWNED by welfare organizations and MANAGED by welfare organizations to the BENEFIT of welfare organizations. Together, we represent more than 1 000 NPOs across the country.

The Tekkie Tax campaign is conducted under the auspices of a Charitable Trust called “Legacy through Charity Trust” registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court under registration number IT 2455/2012, 116-048 NPO and PBO 930041253.

Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign supporting 5 Sectors:

  • A = Animals
  • B = Bring Hope
  • C = Children
  • D = Disability
  • E = Education.

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BNI - Alliance Partner for 2020

Tekkie Tax is also the Charity of Choice for BNI Tshwane.