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National lock down left us touch deprived. We all need to know that someone cares!

What better way to show care than by saying it with a BADGE! SHARING is CARING!

This is YOUR chance to make a real difference. Let 3 people in your life know that you care for them. Share a badge with them and encourage them to care for others too. Ask them to Pay-It-Forward by purchasing a Happy-ness Is Care Card and share their 3 badges. Come on! Spread some goodwill today and touch the life of someone by showing that you care.

Cost: R50/care card | Courier cost excluded

Support The Most Significant Fundraising Campaign In South Africa!


See our 2020 Merchandise here

Tekkie Tax has made a difference in thousands of vulnerable lives the past 8 years.

Together with our partners / supporters from companies, schools, NPO’s, public and the media, we celebrate this remarkable milestone with a Private Label Commemorative Wine gift set. Bonnievale Wines joined hands with Tekkie Tax in this celebration. This  is the ideal Christmas gift for Corporate clients, while making a difference. The set includes 8 bottles of award winning Bonnievale Wines from The River Collection. Every year is represented on a label. Each bottle comes with tasting notes.

Cost: R850/set of 8 bottles or R150/bottle for a specific year

Excludes courier cost

Order online or contact us at germa@tekkietax.org

Tekkie Tax 2020 is finally done!

It has been a year riddled with challenges and economic collapse all around us. The impact of the national lock down is evident all around us. Thank you to every person that, despite all the challenges, still participated in the campaign to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people and animals.

We WILL be back on Friday, 28 May 2021! Make sure that you book your date for Tekkie Tax Day!”

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VIRTUAL HUG WEB 2700 X 1100 (1)

Help Tekkie Tax to reach 1 000 000 Virtual Hugs!

Who is Tekkie Tax?

Several National non-profit organizations have taken hands to enable a singularly focused national FUNDRAISING campaign. Tekkie Tax is a dynamic project OWNED by welfare organizations and MANAGED by welfare organizations to the BENEFIT of welfare organizations. Together, we represent more than 1 000 NPOs across the country.

The Tekkie Tax campaign is conducted under the auspices of a Charitable Trust called “Legacy through Charity Trust” registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court under registration number IT 2455/2012, 116-048 NPO and PBO 930041253.

Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign supporting 5 Sectors:

  • A = Animals
  • B = Bring Hope
  • C = Children
  • D = Disability
  • E = Education.

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