Welcome to Tekkie Tax

Several national non-profit organizations have taken hands to enable a singularly focused national FUNDRAISING campaign. Tekkie Tax is a dynamic project OWNED by welfare organizations and MANAGED by welfare organizations to the BENEFIT of welfare organizations. Together, we represent more than 1 000 NPOs across the country.

The Tekkie Tax campaign is conducted under the auspices of a Charitable Trust called “Legacy through Charity Trust” registered with the Master of the South Gauteng High Court under registration number IT 2455/2012, 116-048 NPO and PBO 930041253.

Tekkie Tax an International Fundraising Campaign supporting 5 Sectors:

NPOs represented across the country with
raised over the past 8 years from which
local and national welfare organizations had benefited


The 2022 campaign is centered around being “Better Together” and the impact that every individual has when making a difference! Support us to change the lives of countless individuals and animals.

Changing our world one purchase at a time! Your contribution will touch the lives of countless individuals and animals.

Support The Most Significant Fundraising Campaign.